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Wild Roses for Mae

Larimar - Expansion Ring

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If you listen closely you will hear the language of the salty water & this salty water stone has a lot to say...

She speaks in a language of calmness, of tranquility & expansion.

As you wear her you will feel the energy of the ocean & this stone shrinking your problems & expanding your possibilities!

Larimar is found in only one place in the world!

The Dominican Republic in the Caribbean and mined by hand, meaning the quality and integrity of the stone is intact.

This stone gifts to you the power of clear communication, emotional strength and stability to speak from your heart.

The beautiful cool blue swirls of colour are very feminine in energy, connecting you to your divine feminine essence.

Larimar is a stone of balance and healing, wearing this stone pulls you back into a feeling of peace and clarity. It also brings to you a deep sense of tranquility and promotes a deeper connection to nature.

People have said that whilst wearing this stone they feel surrounded in an oasis of calm.

It is an important stone of our times as humanity moves from ego-centred culture into a new consciousness and awareness.

Size 91/2 or S1/2 

Made with sterling silver & love.