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Wild Roses for Mae

Moonstone Magic

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Magical moonstone, the stone of new beginnings, the stone of strong aligned feminine energy, the stone of balance, peace, intuition & expansion.

It’s a beautiful piece of high quality moonstone, she has an incredible shimmer of blue to her, she is powerful and ready to support you on your new beginnings in 2024.

In The Talmud it is said that every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers “Grow, grow!”
This stone has the same energy...

Anyone who has spoken to me personally this year, knows that I am chatting about how wonderful 2024 is going to be!
And this is not only for me, it’s a collective energy we have all stepped into so here is the nudge to be on the look out for all the good flowing to you this year ✨

This necklace has been made for a specific woman, you will know it’s you as soon as you see it.

Price - $333
Stone - 10mm x 7mm
Metal - 9ct Gold
Gold chain included