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Wild Roses for Mae

Moonstone - You are Cherished ring

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This is the first of my new intentional jewellery collection.

This ring has been made with very specific energy infused into her, she has a heart chakra symbol on her back & a very luscious moonstone on her front.

The heart chakra is our forth energy centre and a very important one. This energy centre relates to love, love for others & for yourself.

Its how you connect to the world around you, its how you flow, move, grow & expand through your relationships. It's how you truly connect back in to the true essence of who you are...

That combined with a moonstone, this stone is a stone of new beginnings, protection & fertility (not just fertility of a baby, it could be a new job, new relationship, new beginnings in a exisiting relationship to a lover, a child or a friend) it is a very feminine stone, helping you to tap into your intuitive nature.

It's a stone that helps you journey inwards and return with ideas & inspirations around your own personal new beginning!

You can feel the powerful magical qualities of the heart chakra & moonstone combined together and I know that the woman this ring was made for will know it's hers as soon as she reads this... x 


Size 9 - R1/2

Made with sterling silver & love.