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Wild Roses for Mae

Sand cast, Sapphire - Imperfectly Perfect #5

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This beautiful classic signet ring has been made using the sand cast tradition.

One big blue Australian sapphire was placed inside the ring before casting, it was able to move around as the sterling silver was poured in allowing it to set in a way that is organic, free flowing & original!

Sapphires of all colours have captivated people from all over the world for thousands of years. It is a magnificent stone of wisdom, royalty, prophecy & divine favour. For thousands of years they have been associated with all things sacred. Sapphires have a long deep history in nearly all of the worlds religions and beliefs in both our ancient & modern worlds.

Sapphires heavenly colours signifies hope & faith and are believed to bring protection, good fortune & strength.

Sapphires are actually a gemstone called corundum, and they come in many beautiful colours. A red sapphire is known to us as a ruby! 

Size K - this ring can be resized up to 2 sizes above a K.

If your unsure about your sizing please send me a message

Please note that my sand casted rings are organic, uneven & raw in their shapes. Their edges are not straight these pieces of jewellery have been made with hot molten sterling silver allowing the sand/clay in my mould to form their shapes. The sapphires are also set in a free flowing manner. In saying all of this they are still comfortable & smooth to wear.