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Wild Roses for Mae

Scolecite - Wisdom Ring

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This wisdom stone has the feeling of deep knowing to her, she asks you to step into your own majestic power. Stand tall and strong and know that you are more magical and have a depth of wisdom to you just waiting to be discovered. 

Calling all empaths! If you find yourself deeply sensitive to the emotions and energies of those around you, you are going to love this stone.

It is said to have the ability to surround you in a gentle forcefield of crystalline protection.

It is an uplifting stone that allows your wayward energy to return to you, helping you to have clarity of your own personal inner guidance & wisdom.

It is like a balm for an overactive mind & has been known to soothe your anxiety...

This crystal grows in long thin needles, sometimes the needles grow really close together allowing them to fuse with each other. When polished as they are in my jewellery you can see the individual needles & their different dimensions in each stone. It looks like pure magic!!

Scolecite is a space holding, emotionally healing crystal that I know you'll fall in love with as much as I have...

Size - R1/2