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Wild Roses for Mae

Turquoise earrings

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These beautiful earrings have been handmade with a striking detail of small circles around the outside of the stones, the aqua/blue green colour in these stones is stunning and they are really comfortable to wear!
Turquoise is known to be a talisman of purification, good luck, success, creativity and protection!

It also has a strong calming and emotional stability vibe that will settle even the best of the overthinkers!

Did you know that the word turquoise is derived from the French word pierre turquoise meaning Turkish stone.

This is because the trade routes through which turquoise reached Europe from the mines in central Asia went through turkey and Venetian merchants often bought the stone in Turkish bazaars.

Turquoise may be the longest used of all gemstones.
Beads dating back to 5000 BC have been found in a Iraq.
The Egyptians were minding turquoise in the Sinai in 3200 BC.

This stone may just be the oldest and most sacred of all stones.