To our magical world of gorgeous gemstones & precious opals hand mined by us!

No two pieces are the same, you will have a piece of jewellery that is found only on you! In our world of machine made goodies it is enchanting to have a genuine handmade piece of jewellery to treasure forever.

Wild Roses for Mae is unique, handmade jewellery created with intention, love and in the spirit of slowness

I make everything by hand and where possible I use reclaimed and recycled metals. I melt these metals down in my studio and reuse it in my jewellery. I source my stones from people who also have small businesses, mostly small miners where family is involved. The crystals are hand picked by me and have the most beautiful healing, high quality energy to them. I see crystals as treasures from the earth gifted to us to cherish and love.

I know first hand what goes into unearthing stones and precious gems as my partner and I have opal mines in Lightning Ridge and mine our own opals for our jewellery as well. I can't wait to make a special piece just for you.

Our Opal mining journey & jewels are over at www.theopalminerandhissilversmith.com


To create pieces of beautiful jewellery that will be handed down from generation to generation.

We source our stones from miners far & wide who also have small businesses, mainly small miners where family are involved.

The stones are handpicked by Lisa & have a beautiful high quality healing energy to them.

Lisa views crystals/gemstones as treasures from our earth gifted to us to cherish & love.

Lisa's crystal love

I love crystals & gemstones, I love working with them, I love creating jewels with them, I love digging them up, I love wearing them & I love looking at them!

I’ve been reading a book called Crystal Magic by Aurora Kane and this clearly puts into words how I feel about these magical stones…

Created through Millennia in the heart of the earth, absorbing her energies and messages along with those sent by the Sun, Moon and Oceans, natural crystals and gemstones hold power and emit those energies, helping raise your personal vibration. 

They contain the natural pulse of the Earth, the breath of the Earth, and they can speak to you if you listen. When Earth reveals her treasures to us, they bear stories of connection. They grow from water rich in dissolved minerals, melted rock and even Vapor. Time, temperature and pressure shift and mold them into dazzlingly beautiful colours and form, just as these same forces shift and mold us through a lifetime. Crystals are the ultimate survivors and can be extremely powerful forces in our lives if you allow them…