more about us

I’m Lisa the designer, silversmith and creatress behind Wild Roses for Mae. The jewels I make are deeply influenced by my love and connection to the natural world.

Wild Roses for Mae began a few years ago when I was gifted my grandmothers opal cutting & polishing machine.

My silversmithing journey began at The Goldsmith School a year or two before my eldest child was born I tinkered with smithing until she arrived 13 years ago, & in the whirlwind of being a new mum my tools were tucked away.

Fast forward to when the pandemic hit, I found my tucked away tools and began creating jewels once again…

This combined with my deep love of our earth and my connection to our beautiful natural world especially crystals/stones and metals allows me to turn these gifts from the earth into cherished pieces of jewellery that I hope will be passed down through the generations.

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