Your fate is in your hands

Your fate is in your hands

Over the past few months as I’ve created more and more intuitive, intentional and personalised jewels for the most beautiful women I’ve become curious about why we wear rings on certain fingers and what it means…

This side of my jewellery making inspired me to no end, I love talking to women about their reasons behind wanting a personalised piece. I feel honoured that they share with me their goals and dreams, things they want to draw into their worlds and also things they want to release.

It is so much fun deciding on a gem stone together and then a design which is in alignment with their personal needs and wants…

This has taken me a step further into the world of what finger to wear your jewels on and why!

Your right hand is known as your sending side, your masculine side and how you send energy out into the world.

Your left side is known as your feminine side, your receptive energy and how you receive what is given to you by others and the world around you.

As we go through each finger and it’s meaning it’s important to have in the back of your mind are you wanting to send or receive these energies, experiences or things into your world. This will help in deciding which finger to wear your ring on…

Thumb – Willpower, ambition and self assertion.

Pointer – Leadership, authority and self esteem.

Middle – Individuality, responsibility and self analysis.

Ring finger – Love, affection, creativity and beauty. This finger is also associated with our moon and romance.

Pinky – Status, intelligence and communication.

What I find absolutely fascinating when working with my clients is that some people come to me with a clear idea on what finger they want their piece made for.

Eg – a ring for manifestation would be your pointer. A ring to attract or bring harmony into a romantic relationship would be your ring finger. Others working on a strong well defined goal we might make one for your thumb.

I hope this helps and opens up a little bit more around what goes on when I’m working with you to make an intentional – intuitive ring.

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