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Wild Roses for Mae

A talisman especially for you...

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Bespoke handmade pieces of jewellery especially for you!

The most lovely thing about being a silversmith is that I am able to create a talisman/piece of jewellery for the qualities, experiences & energy you'd like to draw into your world...

A talisman is something created especially for you, its intentional, its like a prayer sent out to the universe asking for what you are needing to walk forward on your path. It's created with magic in mind similar to a wearable prayer...


To start with we talk/message about the intention you'd like to set for your piece of jewellery, to do this start by asking yourself these questions..

Why you'd like this made?

How would you like to feel as you wear it?

What experiences & qualities you'd like to attract into your world?

Some examples I've made jewellery for are, love, happiness, abundance, creativity, confidence, health, passion, healing, lots of protection ones, balance, positivity, spiritual awakening, peace, fertility and intuition just to name a few..

Once your intention is set, we decide on a stone & design together.

I have a beautiful collection of stones available for you to choose from & will guide you towards the stones that are in alignment with your intention.

Please note as this is a bespoke part of my business I only work with one person/piece at a time, that way I am able to give it all my energy, focus, care & attention into creating a magical piece for you..



Send me a message here on my website or over on my social media pages and we can go from there, prices depend on the metal you choose eg sterling silver or gold & the gemstone. Prices start from $200