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Wild Roses for Mae

North Star Signet - Design your own

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North Star Collection - The meaning of this collection is to remind you, to stay true to yourself, and to help open new doors of unexpected possibilities.

It also graces you with stability, protection & guidance as you follow your own path...

Our North Star is the star closest to the North celestial pole at any time. Its true name is Polaris & it sits directly above the earths North Pole.

For thousands of years it has guided us and given us a true indication of the direction of North. The reason people talk about the meaning of a North Star is that relative to other stars it is in a fixed position symbolising direction, stability & guidance. 

These rings are solid sterling silver and each one has been sand casted giving them an organic, uneven yet polished look.

You can design your ring however you choose.

North Star stamped in and left as that.

North Star stamped in with a 3mm precious gem stone flush set in it.

North Star stamped in with a 3mm precious gemstone & other stars to it as well.

If you have an idea of how you'd like it made, please send me a message and we can go from there.

Please let me know your ring size when ordering, if you need help with working it out head over to my FAQ on my website.

Payment plan available if needed, simply send me a message.