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Wild Roses for Mae

Chrysoprase - Powerful Ring

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This elegantly shaped stone has a powerful energy of growth to her, you can feel the fresh new beginnings this stone has the power to attract to you...
The green of chrysoprase reminds me of the colour of Spring, it's the colour we see all around us as the weather warms up,  it is fresh & full of abundant potential!

It's one of those stones that you have to see in person to capture her beauty...

 Naisha from The Book of Stones shares with us that chrysoprase carries the energy of growth & ripening promise. 
It expands the energy of your heart allowing you to receive the infinite love & abundance of the universe. 
It helps you to accept your birth right of prosperity, joy & health. 
It’s a powerful prosperity stone and a strong love attractor. 
Think of it like this….
“Who you are today isn’t who you were yesterday, & nor is it who you’ll be tomorrow”
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