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Wild Roses for Mae

Rose Quartz Pendant

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With Mother’s Day just around the cnr I felt inspired to created a necklace in honour of my mother and all that she does unconditionally for our family…
Rose Quartz - The stone of unconditional love which is a perfect stone to celebrate our mums. This stone calls in deep inner healing & peace, it has a beautiful soft energy to it that encourages self love & acceptance of yourself and those around you .

Roses & Rose Quartz are linked, a Rose is known as the mystical queen of all flowers.

Rebecca Campbell says this mystical flower has been symbols of the goddesses Ishtar, Isis, Aphrodite, Inanna, Mary Magdalene & Mother Mary, the further back we trace the roses thread, the more often we see this flower appearing as a symbol of Goddesses in many of the world’s traditions. 

A Rose flower & Rose Quartz are much more ancient than we are. They have seen civilisations come and go and they know more than we do about living harmoniously on our planet earth. 

A Rose is soft and beautiful, strong & hardy, she trusts her timing & always finds the courage to bud, blossom, fruit & then surrender her petals to the wind for the chance to be reborn while still fully living! 

May we absorb both the Rose & Rose Quartz wisdom by opening our hearts and ears to their ancient song 🌹❤️