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Wild Roses for Mae

Sand Cast - Moonstone pendant

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Each individual moon in my collection of moon inspire jewellery has been hand cast by myself & then crafted into a piece of jewellery. These pieces have been made in honour of our moon as she dances through the night sky.

This jewellery is made to help bring you back into alignment with the rise & fall of the moon, connecting you to the ebb and flow of your own life!

The moon with all of her mystical magical energy has shone bright above us and will continue to do so after our very last breath. Our parents, grandparents & great grandparents all stood under the very same shimmering light that we now have the privilege of doing so.

The moon has a deep and mysterious way of connecting us all, we can connect with our loved ones no matter where we are in the world by looking up and knowing that we are both looking at the same moon at the same time....

Moon & necklace is made with sterling silver.

Sand cast moon with a moonstone stone set in its centre.

Please note that my sand casted jewellery are organic, uneven & raw in their shapes. Their edges are not straight these pieces of jewellery have been made with hot molten sterling silver allowing the sand/clay in my mould to form their shapes.