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Wild Roses for Mae

Labradorite - Yin Yang Ring

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It also creates personal transformation, spiritual expansion, and guards you against negativity of all kinds by deflecting negative and unwanted energy.

It is know to remove feelings of fear and insecurity, and help you to speak your truth.

This ring is size - N1/2
Made with sterling silver.
The ring band has a beautiful elegant pattern around the edge.

Note to Buyers – All of my pieces are handmade and finished by hand, my hands and there could be slight imperfections due to this.

They are rustic in nature because of the material I use which is recycled and reclaimed silver.

No two pieces are the same, you will have a piece of jewellery that is found only on you!

 In our world of machine made goodies it is enchanting to have a genuine handmade piece of jewellery to treasure forever.